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I own a colonial home built in 1923 in Essex County, NJ. I have a below grade basement with a door that leads to the outside. Right when you walk out the door, there is a drain hole in the doorwell which is cement. If I look down the hole, only about an inch down I see 2 clay pipes that appear to run perpendicular to the foundation and are about a half inch apart from each other to allow water to run into the pipe.

Last year we had a series of heavy rain storms that caused water to percolate up through the drain hole and into my basement. My question is where would this system drain? Would it go into a drywell somewhere in the yard? If it discharges somewhere else in the yard, the discharge hole has since been covered by dirt/grass. I ran a hose in the hole for 10 minutes and the water did not backup. Thanks

Re: Drywell?

Wherever it goes it needed periodic maintenance, which I'm guessing didn't occur. Eventually, tree roots find this easy source of water and clog the pipes.

Optimally, you can run new pipes from the stair well to the curb. Use schedule 35 SWD pipe without holes, placing the bell end of each new pipe section up hill.

Re: Drywell?

I also doubt this was ever cleaned. Unfortunately, the doorwell, steps leading up to normal grade, and the patio to where it leads are all concrete and the doorwell is about 4 foot below grade. I am thinking of running a sloped french drain from where the drain hole is, under the door and into a into a sump pump pit I have in the interior. I figure any overflow from the clay pipe that may percolate up and flood my basement would instead be directed into my sump pit.

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