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Drywalling plaster-prepped room

I am drywalling a room of my house orinially prepped for plaster with ~7/8 inch between the studs and existing door and window jams. Should I use 1/2 inch drywall and make up the space difference with trim pieces, or add 3/8 inch plywood or drywall shims to the studs before putting up the drywall, or something else all together?

Re: Drywalling plaster-prepped room

It sounds like the doors and window frames are proud of the studs by 7/8 and you would like the drywall to butt flush with these frames.

You can fir out the studs by using continuous strips of 3/8 plywood cut to the width of the studs( 1 1/2 ). You should do this with the horizontal runs of the top and bottom plates ( these are the ones the vertical studs are placed in between ). You will need these to fasten the top and bottom of the drywall securely.
Then fasten these firing strips to the vertical studs in between the horizontal strips. Then apply the 1/2 inch drywall.

Good luck.

Re: Drywalling plaster-prepped room

I kinda like the look of beefy molding so if it were me...I'd add to the backs to all the moldings. Sometimes you can turn lemons into lemonade:)
Just rip yourself some 3/4" +- strips of whatever the molding is made of by about 7/8" and glue the strips to the back edges of all your trim. You could even have it stick out a hair further to ad another detail...skies the limit.

Re: Drywalling plaster-prepped room

Or you could use 5/8" dry wall which would be much more solid and use ¼" strips as spacers per Canuk's suggestion or ½" additions to the moldings per Andybuildz's suggestion.

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