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Drywalling over a TV cubby

Hy Everyone,

Recently i bought a fairly new house (built 2004) and when they built it, they created a cubby in the wall over a gas fireplace where an old tube tv would be able to go. While then it was great, now with flatscreens I don't exactly want just a 32" LCD, I want a big 50" flatscreen to look at. Unfortunately that wont fit.

So as my first home renovation project ( :D ) My goal is to drywall most of the cubby up while leaving about 6 inches on the bottom so that a digital tv box and a blue-ray player can fit in the wall without having a seperate media center.

The purpose of my post is to see if anyone would have some tips, idea, or anything to be weary of when i'm doing this project.

For the drywalling, I plan on framing the insides with 2x4's and putting in 2 studs for the wall mount. The insides of the cubby are wood, not drywall, so i'll have to trim them back so that when i hang the drywall it will be flush with the rest of the wall. What i am unsure about with this is the cubby, i am leaving open at the bottom for the blue-ray and such, should there be a ceiling on it or should it be left open in to the cubby space for ease of wire management or have something in between?

Now i have everything i need in terms of connections (cable and electric) already there however they are in the back of the cubby. The item here i am unsure of what to do is where i should move the connections to. Obviously nobody wants to see any wires. I don't believe i could move the connections to the side of the cubby i am leaving open for the peripherals. I may leave in a surge protector in the cubby so that i could move the power outlets around. Would it be feasable to do the same with the cable and put a male/female extension on it and just have it hang down in the cubby? Seems like it may work with a minimal amount of setup.

I also think i may run a tube down in to my crawlspace if i decide to add 5.1 surround system later for ease of running wires to and from the digital box.

I believe that's the extent of what i'll be doing. Any suggestion is appreciated! I'd be happy to post pictures of the cubby for anyone who needs a visual.

A. Spruce
Re: Drywalling over a TV cubby

Having a large, open, inaccessible cubby behind the tv will only serve as a spider and dust haven. I would do one of two things, either create a door that the tv hangs on that can be opened for access to the wiring and general cubby for cleaning OR enclose and seal off the cubby and use a chaseway for the wires. Just make sure the chaseway is large enough to fit new cords, plugs, etc down while it's full of other wires.

Re: Drywalling over a TV cubby

Thanks Spruce. I was hoping to make this a bit more permanent so I will probably go with sealing it off. Good point about the dust.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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