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Drywall on uneven ceiling

I'm planning to drywall on a ceiling but the joists for the floor above are uneven. Some of them come down 7 1/4 inches but there are a couple that come down 7 1/2 inches. I was planning to use 1 by 3 furring strips on the ceiling for strength but I wasn't sure if I needed to use shims to make them level across the joists. Any ideas?

Re: Drywall on uneven ceiling

make sure you place furring strips across all of the floor joists, DO NOT attach the drywall directly to the floor joists. if the joists are unlevel then you can shim the furring strips to make everything level......the two main reasons to not attach the drywall to the joists is so that (1)if you ever need to snake something or add a light fixture you can do so and (2) is to make the ceiling level if the joists are uneven like yours are.

Re: Drywall on uneven ceiling

Yep .... lay your 1x3 or 1x4 ( you can space them 24 inch but 16 would be better ) strapping perpendicular accross the joists and shim as needed.

If you want ...... run a taunt level string line so it just touches the underside of the lowest joist. This will give you a guide as to how much to shim the areas that are needed.

Re: Drywall on uneven ceiling

Thanks for the help. Using a level string is a great idea and should help with shimming the furring strips.

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