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Drywall seam repair on angled ceiling joint

Looking for help to solve a recurring problem with drywall seams in our bedroom. We have a hip roof that cuts into the 2nd floor ceiling, creating open angle drywall seams. During the winter, the tape pulls away from these seams and creates cracks along the length of the tape. It has been repaired a few times and recently involved raising the ceiling, adding more depth for insulation, and more soffit vents. Still, the problem came back during the next winter. Thanks, Dan:confused:

Re: Drywall seam repair on angled ceiling joint

I think I understand what you're speaking of and what you are seeing is just a symptom of another problem. Drywall and it's finishing relies on whatever it is attached to to remain stable or it will crack or open- thus something is moving around under the drywall. If it is normal expansion and contraction of the wood then you need to isolate the drywall from the parts that are moving. If the movement is in one direction only, you can furr down with metal studding perpendicular to the movement and it will flex slightly under the drywall, allowing it to remain stable while the other side of the metal stud moves with what it is attached to. There may be something better than normal flex tape and compound for areas like this- someone will know and post here if there is.

This is a structural design flaw and anything short of changing the structure is just a patch which may or may not work well. Considering the trouble involved with changing the structure to something more appropriate I'd try the patches first- you may get lucky and find one that works. If not, redesign the sheetrock supporting structure to eliminate the excessive movement causing the seams to open.


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