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drywall screws vs/nails & glue on renovation

I have recently been told during a renovation that glueing drywall to the studs is a new standard practice. After the drywall was installed instead of seeing all screws I see nails & screws, I especially see nails in locations that will be under the final molding around closets & windows but not exlusively. There are ~30% nails & 70% screws total. When I questioned why nails were used at all and not only screws that were indicated on the plan I was told this was standard practice now & the glue holds everything tight. I was also told the finish molding would cover the nails & the glue will hold.

My main question is will the nails & glue hold up over time, we are consantly repairing nail pops in our 40 year old home and I wanted to avoid that, hence the note indicating screws on our plan. Also why would they not use screws everywhere? Have you seen nails & glue with screws in drywall, is this a standard practice?

Also, are the screws that will be under the final molding typically mudded & sanded?

Re: drywall screws vs/nails & glue on renovation

if its general practice would be with certain companies but would not really be a true statment across the board. yes several companies feel strongly in favor of and the other side says all they are worried about is getting in and out quickly. do nails hold as well as screws? no. when you nail drywall, you are actually smashing the drywall with your hammer so what is actually holding it up is the paper face. that is why in the center of the board if it is nailed it is nailed in sets. a screw spins through the rock and basically drills itself a hole and as long as the edge of the screw doesn't tear the paper then the head of the screw is holding not just the paper but also the rock. (which is why it specafied on your prints to use screws) some use nails on the edges of the board because for them it is quicker to hammer and nail rather than using a screw gun. and they use the glue so they don't have to put in as many screws. they adhesive that they use will hold as long as it is applied correctly. when we finish a house we mud and sand everything even if it is hidden under molding. but what you have to understand is that anymore the main thing on many minds is making a fast dollar and getting to the next job as quickly as they can. the longer they are there the less money they make, because the more they have to pay out to the help

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