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Drywall Screws

Anyone have any interesting uses for drywall screws other than hanging drywall?

For example: Norm uses them to make a drying rack.

He drives drywall screws through the faces of a couple 2x4s, flips them over and rests his freshly painted cabinet doors on the screw point.

Re: Drywall Screws

Here's one. Doesn't have to be drywall screws but they'll work.

If you are painting a door off of it's hinges. Set up a couple sawhorses. Put 2 screws in the top of the door (6" from either side). Put one screw in the middle of the bottom of door. Now rest the screws on the sawhorses instead of the door itself. Once you've painted one side, use the top 2 screws as handles and the bottom screw as a pivot to turn the door over to paint the other side. The screws are the only thing coming in contact with the sawhorses allowing you to continue painting instead of waiting for the first side to dry.

Re: Drywall Screws

Good tips! Thanks

Re: Drywall Screws

If you have two boards ajacent to eachother and they don't line up, run a screw into the most inner one. Use the claw of your hammer to pull on teh screw. Then when they line up you can nail teh boards together. Or, use screws since you have them out anyway.

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