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Drywall, plaster and paneling in Kitchen

What is the best way to prepare my kitchen walls? Struggling with this a bit, because I am repainting the whole kitchen which is a mix of drywall (with wallpaper put directly on it - oops), plaster, and old wood paneling (which is staying there), and old kitchen cabinets. I am looking for the most uniform (but most effective) way to prepare all surfaces for painting. I have gotten most (not all) of that paper off of all the walls, have sanded the remnants heavily, and am planning for the drywall to put a good coating of Gardz on what is left, followed by a skimcoat, then another coating of Gardz, followed by paint. Can I also use the Fardz on the plaster wall before skimcoating, to seal the few remaining wallpaper, and to provide a good skimcoat surface? After deglossing and sanding the paneling, should I also Gardz / skimcoat the paneling, or just Kilz and paint?

Re: Drywall, plaster and paneling in Kitchen

What is gards, & fards?

Re: Drywall, plaster and paneling in Kitchen

Gardz is the same thing as Killz (I'm guessing the "Fardz" is a typo) and yes you can use it for what you're doing. The trick is to make sure you're providing ample drying time and air for drying and bond. The point of Gardz and Killz is that they bond to the surface that they're applied to and they cannot do that if not cured which means that they've dried completely before applying additional coatings of anything else.

You can apply Gardz or Killz to almost anything. Again, allow ample air, warmth and drying time. They're both shellac based primers and do the same thing.

After applying either, paint.

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