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Drywall damage in the bathroom near shower

I have just purchased a "new" home. There is some water damage to the drywall where the built-in shower meets the drywall. It appears as if water seeped out of the shower curtain and damaged the drywall directly outside the shower. I am not a handyman, but I can do a bit of mudding and sanding if that is what it will take. If it will take removing drywall and re-installing, I'll need to hire out. How do I fix the drywall?

For whatever reason I am unable to attach a photo even though it is in an acceptable format (I've tried JPEG, BMP, PNG).

Thank you!

A. Spruce
Re: Drywall damage in the bathroom near shower

direct upload of photos has been disabled, host the images off site and link them here.

Re: Drywall damage in the bathroom near shower

The damage you described is consistent with water damage. Without seeing how bad the wall is, it's hard to tell you what to do, but in my experience, the best remedy is to replace the damaged drywall section.

If you've done drywall work, then go right ahead. Otherwise, watch some demos on youtube, or hire a drywall guy.

Drywall is a craft, it's not easy and it's better when done perfectly. Drywall guys earn their pay, that's for sure.

Almost forgot: take care of the leak, so you don't face the same damage in the near future.

Re: Drywall damage in the bathroom near shower

Over at the John Bridge Tile forum you can post as many pictures as your heart desires, even on your first posting.

Just sayin....

The JBF can help you with this problem as we can't see how extensive the damage is.

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