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drylocking a basement

SO I need to drylok my basement. Pretty straight forward... 4 walls/ block. The old drylok is literally falling off, and underneath is paint which could date back to the year my house was built. I was told I need to wash the walls inorder to get that original paint off the wall. I was told this would have to be done with a nasty chemical wash (this coming from a Home Depot rep). Do I really need to wash the walls? I think scraping the walls (wire brush and orbital sander combo) will rough up the surface of the block enough that new dryloc will stick. And yes, I've already gotten into a fight over this project. AS a Female home owner, I think I was told a line of crap from the Home Depot guy. Any suggestions?

MLB Construction
Re: drylocking a basement

scrap/ing and wire brushing will be fine for removal of the old loose paint. the only catch is that you will have to wash the walls down after, what i've done in the past is the following.

1. scrap and wire brush the walls and floors
2. wet/dry vac walls and floor with the brush attachment
3. get a bucket of water with a scrub brush (on a broom stick handle)
4. scrub down all the walls first then the floor
5. wet/dry vac all the water on the floor
6. wait for it to be 100% dry
7. one more vac with the brush attachment
8. paint

the most important thing is to get the dust off the walls and floor, that's what the water and scrub brush are for. if there's dust/dirt/grime on the cement the paint will peel off.

A. Spruce
Re: drylocking a basement

This is why you NEVER go to a big box with questions, Evil Orange seems to be the worst in this regard.

1 - Read the label of the product, most of the time there will be detailed prep, use, clean-up, and disposal instructions.
2 - Go to the manufacturer's website, most have the same, if not more, detailed info about their products.
3 - DIY forums and public access professional forums such as TOH are good places for first hand experience from both the layman and the professionals who have used these products.

The key to any paint job is surface prep. As MLB points out, it is important to get the surfaces clean and dry. Loose, chipping paint has to be removed, you don't have to get rid of every spec, but the loose stuff definitely has to go. I would also recommend not buying product until you're ready for it, then have the store shake the can for you so that it is freshly mixed for use. Mechanical agitation is far better than anything you'll get with a manual paint stick. Again, following the label, use the correct brushes and rollers for the application.

Re: drylocking a basement

The DryLoc and similar product instructions clearly state it can only be applied to bare concrete or masonry. It has to penetrate into and seal the pores of the concrete or concrete blocks. It is a really heavy "paint" that has to be given two coats and applied with a brush to force it into the texture of the concrete.

This Home Depot Associate, who reads all labels and instructions, would even have told Spruce this ! :)

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