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Dryer venting into garage

We moved into a 1976 house in New England this summer. The previous owners decided that venting the dryer into the garage was a good idea. I'd like to fix this and was wondering how long of a span is acceptable to vent the dryer exhaust. If I keep it venting into the garage, I can add a exhaust hose that caries it about 20 feet to the back of the garage to vent it safely outside. I just worry that warm air condenses while traveling that span and will collect water in the exhaust hose (not really a hose - one of those foil dryer exhaust tubes). The only alternative is to turn the exhaust hose immediately as it leaves the dryer (90 degrees) and vent it 3 feet away through the front of the house. There isn't much room to turn the hose and it will likely reduce the size of the opening while turning it.

Re: Dryer venting into garage

You definately want to get the vent to the outside...if you leave the exhaust in the garage, you will just get a build up of lint and humidity out there. The general rule of thumb that I have heard of is that a dryer vent should be a maximum of 25 feet. Every bend in the system should count as 5 feet. If the vent is longer than this, you can install a blower unit that activates by sensing the heat in the vent duct. This will boost the air flow, and alow for a longer vent pipe length. You can get these at HVAC supliers. Also, you will want to use sheet metal ducting instead of the foil hose/pipe. The smooth walls of the sheet metal pipe will make for much less restricted air flow. And, finally, if you are routing the duct through unheated space and are worried about condensation, simply wrap the vent pipe in insulation.

Re: Dryer venting into garage

one other thing,... if your using a new high efficiency dryer you will need a blower or a much shorter route

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