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Dryer Vent

I wish I could come home and magically see a new dryer vent flaps on the outside of my house. The one I have now is cracked (although I have professionally applied duct tape to try to fix it), and I have a cover from a different vent assembly on it so critters don't roost in the pipe. I've had the new vent assembly for about 10 months now, but somehow it doesn't install itself.

Re: Dryer Vent

You made a simple, but common mistake when you bought it.

There is a self install model that is usually on the highest shelf. You cannot access it by yourself. You must find the correctly appointed store clerk who knows of the existence of said model, mumble the secret password and do the high clearance handshake in order to gain access to the automated lift apparatus that will get you to your prize!!

Generally what happens is that you cannot find any clerk to help, when you do find one, they don't understand what you are looking for and wander off looking for the single employee that knows what is what in that department never to be seen again. Oh, but wait, a knowledgeable employee does return from break, just by accident bumps into you while heading to another department where they have been assigned to work today and happens to know what you are talking about, but is not licensed to drive the lift that will lower the product to your level. Thats Elmer and sorry, but he is off until next Tuesday. :)

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