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jason lohe
dryer problem

i have a frigidaire stackable unit. 2 weeks ago i was using the dryer, i stopped the dryer to check on the clothes and when i tried to turn it back on and it wouldnt go on. i was told that it is the door safety switch, and i was told that i could bypass the switch. i cut the wires and now it still doesnt work. i was obviously given the wrong info, so is there any way that i could get this fixed. i would get a new parts , but the closest parts for my appliance is an hour away and to order it would take 2 weeks , which i dont have. could i put wires together in order to make this work, there is a white black and grey wire which should i put together. please i need help i have 2 little girls who need clean clothes

Re: dryer problem

I can recommend repairclinic.com.
The parts I ordered took a lot less than 2 weeks to arrive.
Usually a safety switch completes a circuit, not breaking it, like cutting wires would.

jason lohe
Re: dryer problem

thank you.

Re: dryer problem


Like Ed said, in order to bypass this type of switch you would need to connect/twist these two wires together. Ideally you would use a small plastic wire nut over those twisted wire ends, but if you lack that at the moment, tape over the connection with a few wraps of black electrical tape.

If this allows the dryer run, then you know what the culprit is. A new door switch should be installed as soon as is practical.

If that doesn't fix the no-run situation, it may be that you aren't getting current to the dryer at all. Check for a tripped breaker or blown fuse. If the breaker to the outlet isn't tripped, then the wiring to the outlet becomes suspect as does the plug on the cord.... amongst other things.

Or........the dryer's internal thermal fuse may be blown. You'll need the wiring schematic (which is hopefully in your owner's manual) in order to locate that. Don't go messing around inside the machine's wiring with the machine plugged in, of course.

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