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dryer power supply

I just noticed that the power cord to my clothes dryer is not plugged into an outlet. The cord continues down from the first floor into the basement, and I believe it is directly connected to the main circuit breaker box. Is this even possible? And if so, is it safe?? :confused:

Re: dryer power supply

How long have you lived in this house that you "just" discovered this?

Dryers come with cords, but usually they're not long enough to reach the main panel. Do you mean it has an extension cord to the panel?

We have national electric codes, if we didn't have them, homes would catch on fire like match boxes. Still, many homeowners do the unthinkable, so I will not be surprised if that's the case in your house.

If it is, you need to correct it. If you don't know how, call a licensed pro.

Re: dryer power supply

If the cord does not plug into a receptacle it is not legal.

The cord is not rated for permanent wiring and should not even be strapped to a wall.

If it is a typical dryer it would be protected by a 30A two pole breaker. The receptacle should be fed with #10-3 wire(w/ground) from a permanent power panel.

Re: dryer power supply

dj1: I moved in less than a year ago; I was measuring for a new dryer when I saw the cord/(electrical wire?) going in the wall. It is not attached to an extension cord.

It says Narawire on it...obviously, I'm not electrically inclined, so I will be calling an electrician.

If you're interested, I posted pictures on Photobucket for clarification. (user name: sentita if this link will not post)

Thank you all for your responses - you have been lifesavers for many!

Re: dryer power supply

Have the electrician look at the rest of the house. If the former owner did this to a 220volt dryer, I would start to worry about the rest of the house.

Is your fire insurance paid up?

Re: dryer power supply

I didn't see any picture of the wiring so I will guess you mean it is hard wired rather than using a cord to an outlet. As stated above this is a code violation and needs to be corrected. While you are at it you should follow the above suggestion and have an electrical introspection done.


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