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dryer duct wrong?

I have noticed that some dryer systems use routing though the eavevents. My ceilings are 10 ft tall. I would have to go up 10 ft, and then out another 10 feet before exhausting.
The original problem is that the builder went straight up, through the attic and out the roof. Clothes dont dry, and I think I have moisture damage on the ceiling from leakage around the pipe.
I would like to fix the roof, and then reroute the piping as described above.

The other question I have, is can you use a booster fan to help the airflow in the piping? thx.

Re: dryer duct wrong?

a booster fan is not allowed in most states, they will quickly clog with lint. the best way to vent it out is the shortest route. since you now have a long run, you can have it cleaned but a company that does duct cleaning. it would probably be a once a year ritual.

Re: dryer duct wrong?

I've noticed the same thing with my roof vent. my husband opted to send it to a contraption in the garage instead.

Re: dryer duct wrong?

IMHO you should limit vertical runs in dryer vents to as short as possible and take the most direct rout to the outside. The air flow from a dryer is not high pressure and has problems expelling lint. In a tall vertical run the lint flutters around in the air flow and then drops when the dryer is turned off eventually causing a clog at the bottom of the run this then restricts air flow and drying. And as MLBFS said you should not install a booster blower in the line for the reasons mentioned.

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