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dry well for water softener


I am planning to install a water softener, and in Massachusetts you are not allowed to discharge these into a septic system. Therefore' I'll have to install a dry well.

The system will regenerate about once a week, and each time it will discharge 60 gallons over a 90 minute period. I have a few questions on sizing and installation:

1) How big should I make it? My soil consists of pretty typical dirt. It seems like it should not have to be very big. Would 10 or 20 gal be sufficient?

2) How far from the foundation should it be? Is 10 feet enough?

3) Does it have to be below the frost line? I believe that the frost line is about 4 feet deep in my area. However, I'll hit groundwater at around that depth.

4) Can the PVC exiting the house be above ground (exposed to the temperature), or does it have to be below ground. If it can exit above ground, I can simply run it through the siding, and then straight down into the ground. However, if it has to exit below ground, I'll have to drill a 2" hole through a poured concrete foundation which I'd rather not do.

Thanks for your help.

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