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Dry wall taper coming down

We built our house in 1990, the drywall tape at the ceiling is separating from the wall & ceiling. We would like to know why this is doing that, and how to correct the problem?

Thank you,

Karen A. Summers

Re: Dry wall taper coming down


This comes from 2 things; a poor install the first time and movement. Do you have cracks elsewhere? The fix is a do-over, with proper techniques and a clean surface.

Re: Dry wall taper coming down

A couple questions: Is the tape letting go only on those ceilings which are under the roof? Are they separating mainly under the center of the house? Is your attic/roof constructed utilizing pre-stress webbed trusses?

My hunch is that your trusses are moving up and down with the seasons and stressing the taped seams. If this is so, I know of no cure to stop them from moving. You can only repair the opening joints and keep your fingers crossed that the new seams hold.

Re: Dry wall tape coming down

I am having the same problem in our attached garage. Home built in 1982. Tape falling from all ceiling joints. Had a chain driven opener that vibrated, jerked door up that I replaced 7 to 8 years ago, but now tape just letting go. Only in garage, does not extend into house. Don't know why or what to do other than strip the entire ceiling and retape. Some gaps in sheetrock up to 1/2 inch. Any advise??

Re: Dry wall taper coming down


Garages are subjected to far greater temperature and humidity changes than the interior of the house. If the dry wall has not been primed and painted with good paint, I would suggest you do so after repairing the tape joints. Painting will make the joints far less subject to the humidity changes. Building codes require that all common walls to the house be taped for fire reasons, but there is no code requiring that it be painted. Often the garage walls tape seams are only given a single coat of mud and no paint at all.

Re: Dry wall taper coming down

Could also be that the wrong type of joint compound was originally used.
Re-tape it again, or have it done by a pro. I like to mix some Presto by DAP in the first layer of mud. It will have more sticking power than just "all purpose" mud.

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