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Drought Conditions In the West

Now that there are drought conditions all over the western USA, I have a question to those who know something about this.

When I was a high school student, our Physics teacher announced one day with a big smile on his face, that:

1. "The USA has the technology and the ability to implant iodine into clouds and create rain". That was half a century ago, so why are we having a drought this year? don't we have iodine?

2. "The USA can desalinate sea water for human consumption", so why is the USA doing it only in the middle east and not here at home?

Re: Drought Conditions In the West

For a while now from a few different sources I've heard that water is going to be a more precious commodity in the future and that wars may be fought over it. As people inhabit deserts and try to farm them they draw down the water table, water will be harder to come by.
I doubt if iodine seeding really works or is generally feasible. I believe the Middle East has unlimited power supply for desalinization. Since the live in a desert, I suspect they are a little efficient in the use of water.
Back to the ball game. Still a blowout or I wouldn't be surfing.

A. Spruce
Re: Drought Conditions In the West

Iodine seeding causes water laden air to condense into rain. If there is no moisture in the air, then seeding isn't going to do anything.

If SoCal would invest only half of what they're proposing to spend on these stupid tunnels to divert even more NorCal water to themselves, they could set up desalination plants to deal with their needs on a permanent basis, rather than dry up the entire state for their own greedy purposes. If you wanna live in the desert, fine, but you're on your own for water.

Re: Drought Conditions In the West

Iodine seeding. Remember the old saying from a margarine commercial, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature". We seeded some storm clouds once in the hopes that it would rain itself out and not form a hurricane. The result was Hurricane Camille.

We can desalinate sea water, but that takes power. One good power source for that would be a nuclear power plant. It could make a lot of fresh water during off peak hours. But then the ex hippie tree huggers in California don't want any nuclear power plants within its borders. I think they could make solar powered distilleries off shore, but that would increase water temperatures in the vicinity so that might not be a good idea in the long run.

The US Navy is considering decommissioning one of its nuclear powered aircraft carriers because it is due for its midlife refueling. Maybe they could refuel it and park it in Long Beach harbor and use it to make electricity and water for the LA Basin. No use throwing a perfectly good carrier in the trash heap. An aircraft carrier makes about a million gallons of fresh, ultra-pure water every day.

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