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Driveway pavers,slate,or tile

I moved into a house a few years back in Los Angeles. I have a normal drive way with no serious issues or cracks, but the previous owners wrote their names in the wet cement as well as walked across it before it was truly dry. I would love to uses pavers, tile, or slate over the existing driveway. I was injured at work this year, and the idea of digging up the driveway is not a great option. Originally, I thought of using outdoor tile to cover driveway, but I was advised not too due to potential cracking and slickness of the tile in the rain. Then I was reading about slate tiles, but they too were many complaints about being too fragile for a driveway. I finally looked into pavers, but it seems the original driveway would need to be dug up to install it. Is all of this true?

I should mention, I have very under kids, so traction in the rain and durability are high priorities... Thanks in advance...

Re: Driveway pavers,slate,or tile

Unlike a walkway, a driveway is built with heavy weight in mind.

If the idea of removing your existing driveway and installing a new one is too costly for you, how about cutting out the sections you don't like and integrating new concrete, stamped concrete, bricks or full size pavers (3-1/2" thick) instead? This way, you don't discard otherwise good concrete and you save a ton of money. Of course the cuts have to be tasteful and proportional, with some sort of a design.

As far as your other options you mentioned: slate and tiles will crack, thin bricks or pavers will crack as well.

Re: Driveway pavers,slate,or tile


So, you don't think I can apply slate or thin paver. If the concrete underneath is flat and level can we lay slate like you would lay tile? I have never done tile either, but to my understanding tile won't crack if installed properly on a flat surface. I am not trying to second guess you or anyone else, but this is a subject I am unfamiliar with, and want to get it clear.

Here is a second question... If I did slate and it cracked, can I replace the one tile or is it a bigger job than one tile?

You mentioned stamped cement, which is a look I would like, but it would mean digging up the old driveway and laying a new one. A timely processes for an injured father of two kids under five years of age... The wife has her own "honey-do" list, and a rip up of a "perfectly good driveway" could put me in the dog house...

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