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Driveway not drying

We had our driveway and garage floor poured in November. To date much of the driveway has a different color and appears to be 'wet' with big blotches that look like uncured cement. When we had the driveway done we also had a brick walkway put in, going up thru the entire driveway and that is turning white .... it's a mess! I am being told by the contractor that it takes time to dry... We have been told to just keep washing it off but it's been 3 months now and nothing has changed. Do you have any idea what we can do about this? I have pictures if you need more input... appreciate any help ... thanks

Re: Driveway not drying

Concrete sets up in about a day, and fully cures in about a month. You're well beyond that range. That white stuff you see is probably a chemical they added to aid pourability or extend the freezing point (if it was poured in cold weather) and could be interfering with the curing. Did you approve them adding anything to the mix? What was the slump? Did you have a testing company do cylinder breaks to determine compressive strength? Sounds like you got the lowest bidder... and you know what they say about getting what you pay for.

Re: Driveway not drying

We live in California and the weather was dry at the time we had the driveway poured. As for us going with the cheapest bid, I hate to tell you what we paid....It was a LOT!! We thought we were going with the best contractors and called their references and checked them out with BBB...and the license board. I am going to refer your answer to my question to the company and see what they will do about it...
Do you have any suggestions as to what they can do? Thanks

Re: Driveway not drying

Did they use a curing compound after they finished it? If so it will sometimes puddle and cause the cement surface to look different where it puddled. You say that it is hot and dry where you live. I doubt that they used any additives when pouring it. The most common ones that are used speed up the setting processing, not something that you want to do on a warm day. If there was more than one cement truck load that can also cause the cement to be a different color just like any mixed product. Usaully over time it will bleach out to be the same color.

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