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Re: drill adapter to square drive

I saw the Episode last night.
The Tool Tom is using is the one by Lyropa Tool and is called the Twist-Lok.
This was just given the Handyman Club of America tested and recomended Seal and has been seen by me on another TV Show by Ron Hazelton.
It looks like it is Premium and probably expensive:eek:

Re: drill adapter to square drive

I saw this used by Tom on TOH and was at a Woodworkers Show yesterday in York Pa where it was being displayed.
The guys who actually own the Co. were there and demonstrating.
Seems that they are on to something as their booth was the busiest there.
I bought a set for $30.00 that has a nice case and drill bits included but the coolest thing is the Magnetic Tip.
Well constructed and they offer a lifetime warranty.
I am glad that Hex Ended drill bits won't be needed anymore!
Somebody has finally solved that nightmare!

Re: drill adapter to square drive

Thanks so much for the info!! Just ordered the 57 piece set for Hubby's Christmas stocking. He was so excited when he saw this on ATOH.

Re: drill adapter to square drive
drebbin wrote:

I am looking for the same tool that Tom was using on "Ask This Old House" that aired on 10 November 2007. Tom was using a cordless drill with the bit in an adapter and after he was finished drilling the pilot hole, he placed an attatchment over the drill bit and was able to drive a square drive decking screw...hope that description helps.

If the episode was Removing an Old Tree; Installing Wood Trim
which aired on Nov. 10th and 11, 2007 and Tom was installing Wood trim on the door - the tool is called Twist-Lok.

Re: drill adapter to square drive

Episode 606 the tool used for adding trim to the door is the Twist-Lok by Lyropa Tool only $29.95 - great holiday gift!!!!!

Re: drill adapter to square drive

LOL ... sorting through sale flyers tonight and behold .... there's the topic of conversation on sale.:D

It seems they are coming out as store branded items as well.

Personally I'll stick with the Makita tool I posted earlier .... less bulky and lighter... works just fine.;)

Re: drill adapter to square drive

I was looking for this too. I think it is the 'Twist-Lok':


Re: drill adapter to square drive

I haven't used the one that Tom has, but a few years back I bought a Hitachi set that did the same thing, drill, pop it out and flip it around, and screw. It isn't the best made tool I ever bought, but it sure is one of the handiest. I think I got it at Lowes for about $10 and it does the job just fine.
The beauty of it is that you don't need to carry two drills or two bits and have to unchuck anything. Much faster for me when I'm away from the workbench.

Re: drill adapter to square drive

I saw this Tool on www.ronhazelton.com
Another one of the guys i respect like Tom.
Ron Hazelton has an exclusive offer that you can't find on the Twist-Lok site.
$29.95 but he throws in the Magnetic Screw Holder and a case with 10 drill bits for free.
I am going to purchase a few of these for Stocking Stuffers.:D :D


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