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Drain Pump for sinks???

I have a medical room with 6 sinks total. There is no available drain inlet's so I need to pump the water up, and out to the main sewer dwv which is 30ft away. I was just wondering how you plumb back to back sink pumps for water discharge. It makes no sense because if one pump engages, it would shoot the water partially through the suction line, and it would end up in the other pump on the other side instead of going up the wall and out to the sewer line. Any help???

Re: Drain Pump for sinks???

Has this drain been working for awhile or is it a new idea under construction?

A possible solution could be to install anti syphon valves just past each pump. When any of the 6 pumps is operating, the waste water is forced into the main drain, but not into the other pumps.

Similar to a sprinkler system manifold with multiple anti syphon valves.

Re: Drain Pump for sinks???

Yes, it is new construction. I was reading about check valves that you would put on right after connect to the suction line on the pump. What would that syphon thing do that is different from a check valve?

Re: Drain Pump for sinks???

Why not pipe the sinks to one basin and pump it from there?



Re: Drain Pump for sinks???

In this application, a check valve would perform the same function as an antisiphon valve.

An antisiphon valve has the additional funcion of admitting air into the line when there is a vacuum. It's not needed in this scenario.

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