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Drain pipe installation

What is a typical drain pipe installation in terms of depth, distance to foundation and exit point?

I can see drain pipe entry around the house where the downspouts come down but I don't know where they go and don't see any exit point for the water at the street level.


A. Spruce
Re: Drain pipe installation

All of that will depend on soil conditions, elevation from collection point to discharge point, and whether you have access to a municipal storm drain system or are "land locked".

From your description you may have a French drain, which takes run-off to an underground collection point where it dissipates into the ground over time.

Re: Drain pipe installation

Thanks for your reply.

Soil type is clay. Ground is sloping down from back, first collection point, to front of the house and street level is another 12 feet below front of the house. I just do not see discharge

How do I go about finding the French drain, locate collection point and to see if it is working?

Re: Drain pipe installation

If you have a french drain, this may be evident by a strip of grass about 2 feet wide by 10 to 20 feet long that dries up earlier in the summer than the rest of the lawn.

A french drain is often constructed of a trench with perforated pipe laid in it and filled with round rock, capped with a thin layer of soil. Sometimes, it's a large pit into which a drainpipe ends, and the pit is filled with round rock and capped with a thin layer of soil. The thin layer of soil tends to dry out sooner in the summer, unless of course you water your lawn regularly.

Re: Drain pipe installation

If I have to have French drain installed, what would be the typical cost? Is this the work of a landscaper or someone more specialized?

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