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Double Faced Insulation

I have an older house and I am looking to improve the insulation around it. The garage ceiling has sheetrock, but from the workroom I can see that they used a double faced yellowish colored insulation.
The insulation has settled to where it is sitting on the sheetrock leaving around 3 inches of space between it and the floor above. I was thinking about blowing some cellulose into that excess space. However, I am not sure if it is better to tear down the sheetrock and reinstall the installation (rather not of course). If I do reinstall, which way should I face it.

Any suggestions?

* I am located outside NYC
* We very rarely turn on the A/C in the room above (the attic fan does most of the cooling)
* The room above (master bedroom) has hardwood floors

Re: Double Faced Insulation

I don't have advice for you on what to do, but it sounds like you have something similar to what I have a thread going about. Might want to check out the one about one side foil, one side paper insulation, see if the pictures look like what you have and go from there.

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