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doorway and tile not sq to each other

Having a new 6' french door to the outside put in kitchen and the floor tiled. I can see that the backer board is not parallel to the door opening. The left side of the doorway is 1 5/8" farther from the backer board than the right side of the doorway. This seems like a big difference to me and that it will be very noticeable looking across the floor to the door that tile/door are not square. If the tiles are squared to the door then they will not be square to the cabinets on each side of the kitchen. My solution is to move the doorframe out to be parallel to the tile. Does this sound right. Am I too picky? This is costing big bucks and I don't want to be annoyed by it for years. Thanks

Re: doorway and tile not sq to each other

if the walls and doorway are that out of square theres no way of hiding it by installing the tiles square off the door. the only way to hide it is to change your layout to lay them on a 45 off the door. going with the 45 will break it up and it wont be as noticable to the eye

Re: doorway and tile not sq to each other

Rare is the square room. Most rooms are crooked.

This depends on the size of the tiles and the size of the space being tiled. If you were expecting whole tiles to be laid between the cabinets and the door, then it would show - unless, you used a near half tile at the cabinets and then a near half tile at the door.

If you use a near whole tile at the edges, any irregularities will show the least and generally cannot be seen by most people.

The larger the tile you use, the easier it is to hide a room being out of square.

Re: doorway and tile not sq to each other

tiles are 18" sq. Room is 8'x12' cabinets are on the 8' walls; open bar area on one side and 6' door on the other 12' wall. 8' walls and inner 12' wall sq. the outer wall is out inches from sq. I'm not in love wi the diagonal look. Thanks

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