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Doors that slide up

Hi everyone,  We built a new hosue and had my parents move in with us.  They get the main level, while my family is on the 2nd floor.  However, we didn't have any idea that my dad was nearly deaf when it came to TV.  It's so loud, it travels up the stairs and into the living area.  It's so loud we often can't hear our own tv over his.  Because of the high ceilings, and the way the stairs are, we don't have much of an option to put in a standard door.  I was wondering if there was a garage type door we could install so we can close it off to prevent sound from traveling up to our level?  

Re: Doors that slide up

Perhaps a better choice for your dad https://www.amazon.com/wireless-tv-headset/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2...

It is not likely that a door would be much of a hinerance to sound.



Re: Doors that slide up

I'd really need a picture to make a proper assessment; however, if there is a hallway of some sort, and the hallway has a ceiling that goes all the way to the top... you can always install a wall from the top of the door frame (where you would be installing a door) all the way to the ceiling. It's very easy to frame in and would add little cost to the whole door project.

You could install a roll-up door... but unless you were going for an industrial look, it'll probably not match the style of the home. Best idea is to tell your dad to get headphones, or hearing aides... or put on close captioning. When my in-laws visit... good Lord... the TV is louder than their arguing.

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