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the mrs.
doors and windows

I purchased a house that needs a lot of work! It is a 24 year old ranch. The windows and all woodwork had been finished in a very dark stain but I can't tell if there was ever any kind of top coat; ie varnish, polyurethane, etc. There is a lot of scratches showing the bare wood underneath and also damage from years of condensation on the bay window. I would like to refinish these windows but right now have more urgent jobs to do. Is there anything I can do to at least improve the looks of the wood and then refinish when there is time? I considered using Old Enlish Oil Polish with dark stain, but would that be hard to remove for refinishing later? I would also like to use that product on the kitchen cabinets, but I have reason to believe the former owner used Panel Magic. Since that has silicon in it must I continue to use only Panel Magic? Another concern is, might there be a risk of the double pane leaking gas because of the condensation damage. I will appreciate any advice.

Re: doors and windows

If you're going to strip and refinish the woodwork, you've hit nearly the top of the "thankless task" jobs. Since they may have used an oil based sealer/stain/polish, in the past, I'd stick to an oil based product. Something that would go on in a thin coat is sanding sealer. It's clear, thin, and won't add to your work very much when stripping time comes around. It'll seal the bare wood cracks for now and let you have time for the other tasks at hand. A stronger alternative is polyurethane but it's thicker and would be another layer to have to remove.

Good Luck.

the mrs.
Re: doors and windows

Thank you for your advice; sanding sealer sounds like a good
idea and I'll try it.

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