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Door swings open

I have a bedroom door that swings fully open by itself if not closed. How do I fix it so the door doesn't swing on its own??

Re: Door swings open

Typically the door should be hung plumb. A cheat that might work is to remove a hinge pin, set it on a concrete floor & hit it in the middle with a hammer to bend it slightly. Put it back in & the extra fiction may hold it in a position.

Re: Door swings open

Ed21's suggestion is not a bad one but you might also try going to a home center like HD or Lowe's and see if they have door closers. What you're looking for is a small spring, attached to a door hinge pin. You replace your hinge pin with this and the device has little "jaws" that fit around the hinge leaf. The spring in it, will keep the door closed.

The spring isn't huge so the strength isn't huge but it might work for a light, interior door. Regardless, it's an inexpensive solution that you could try.

Next best thing is tear out the wall, put it up plumb, and your door will stay shut. Right now, the jamb and wall are leaning into the room, letting the door swing open. Try the closer.

Good Luck.

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