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door out of skew

The door between our mud room and the garage is broken. By this I mean that at times we can not open or shut it because the door does not go into the frame (we have to really push or pull it). We also have a separation between the garage and the driveway, which comes and goes. We were told that this is frost heave and that makes sense because we only have these problems when it is really cold. We have had an unusually cold winter so I think that is why we really saw it a lot this year (this is only our third winter in this house). The heaving does not seemed to have cracked any walls or the foundation but we can't use this door when it is like this. This is the door we use almost exclusively so it is a pretty big issue. My question is (finally)is there a way to reframe this door or make some kind of fix so that we can use it all year long? We don't want to fix it just for the winter time if it is going to be messed up in the summer. thanks

Re: door out of skew

There may be a way. They use a floating jamb when they build log cabins. Unfortunately I know little of how it is done perhaps others on here will know.

Re: door out of skew

Thanks Jack, I will research this idea.:D

Re: door out of skew

I think in log cabins they first install 2x6 or 2x8 "bucks" (rough jambs) with slotted screw holes and fender washers so that the wall movement (log shrinkage) up & down does not hang up on the woodwork. An 8' log wall can easily change in height an inch seasonally. Then the door unit is fastened to the bucks, while the logs remain free to move up & down. It still requires that the floor be stationary, and in the OP's case there appears to be an underlying problem there.

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