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Door locks

Looking for recommendations for new door locks for my front and back doors. I currently have Kwikset locks that are less than 10 years old, they were top of the line when I bought them but they are falling apart already. I don't care for the Schlange because they can lock you out of the house if you forget your keys. I do want high security deadbolt and door lock set with lever door handles.

Re: Door locks

Kieth, Weslock makes nice lock sets.

Re: Door locks

After a few times of having left the house and locking myself out, only to have to wake up my wife to let me in, I removed the locking passage locks and replaced them with simple passage locks. For security, I added double cylinder dead bolts, which are far more secure than passage locks. They do, however, require that you stop and lock the door when you leave.

Double cyllinder locks are illegal in some locales, the worry being that of hunting for the key during a fire emergency. If you have a large glass panel in your door, having only a passage lock or single cylinder dead bolt is really not secure! Obviously, if someone is willing to break the glass, they can merely reach in and open the door. Of course, this supposes that you are routinely removing the inside key from the dead bolt when you are not at home or sleeping. Therein lies the concerns of fire safety people.

Re: Door locks

ordjen, I agree with you about the double cylinder dead bolts, I used to use them and would hang a key about 3" from the door for emergency use, but they are getting hard to find now in my area, maybe they are not allowed here anymore.

Anyone have access to the June 2011 issue of Consumer Reports? That is the last time they reviewed door locks. I went to my local library to look at it but wouldn't ya know, that issue is missing. I don't have an on line subscription, but I'm not sure that article is even available on line anymore.

I used to have Weiser locks on my house and would like to use them again, but I can't find them anymore.

I also do not understand this new secure system that Schlange and Kwikset are touting. You can get a custom key cut, then the store can stick a special key in the lock and then your new key. That is supposed to make the lock more secure? I don't see how if those master keys ever get into the wrong hands, and I can guarantee they will.

Re: Door locks

I installed all new Schlage locks and dead bolts with "Secure Key" technology back in 2011 on our move to a 1960's ranch. The locks were keyed different but I was able to re-key in minutes at home by myself.

You use the special key that is blue in color and came with the lock to put it in that mode by inserting and turning to 11:00 o'clock. Then insert the new key and turn to 12:00 o'clock. So, if I have lock A and B and I want them to both use the A key, use the B blue key and turn to 11:00, then insert the A regular key and turn to 12:00, that's it.

There is no master key but what you have. I have done all the locks and a two sided dead bolt on a kitchen door that has glass panes. The key is placed in the same spot a foot away. We have multiple escape routes and feel that our egress is covered properly.

I now see the Kwikset locks being displayed in stores but not the Schlage. I have had no issues with any of those I put in.

Re: Door locks

If looking for reviews of items like door locks try consumersearch(dot)com. They compile reviews from consumer reports, website purchase reviews and similar. I know I have looked at the door lock reviews in the past but cannot remember the details.

Re: Door locks

I could not remember the name of the locks that I had put on my house when I first bought it until I did my second post in this thread, Weiser locks. I thought I would remember the name when I did a general search for door locks on the net, but I never saw this brand, guess I didn't go back enough pages.

Once I did remember the name, I did a search for them. There are locks being sold under the Weiser name, but the exact same locks, even using the same name are also being sold by Kwikset, so it looks like Kwikset must have bought Weiser.

I replaced the Weiser locks because my wife and I were having trouble griping and turning the knobs under certain conditions. It wasn't really a problem of the locks or our hands, the doors fit very tight in their frames and are hard to close and thus make the locks much harder to turn. I went with lever type door knobs to alleviate this problem, but it looks like the difficulty with the doors is affecting the life of the door knobs. These are matched set with a deadbolt and a locking door knob with lever handle.

The deadbolts still work ok, but the handles on the door knobs are getting so loose, I almost expect them to come off. I can't tighten them anymore and sometimes the key turns past the lock position and then the tumbler just spins around. Its a bear to get the tumbler back in position, then extract the key.

I am going to replace the doors too BTW.

Re: Door locks

Didn't know that about Weiser- too bad unless Kwikset leaves them alone (which they probably won't :mad: ) I prefer Schlage for best value overall. Much has been said about the double-keyed deadbolts but I like them because it makes it harder for a thief to get large items (including themselves) out with the door in the way. Keep a key hidden inside near the door, put a tiny nail on the casing at the top on the lock side, and make it a habit to put every key wherever there is a double cylinder on the nail immediately when you come home, and to re-hide them when you leave. That also makes for a good security check on both entering and leaving, something you should be doing anyway.

As to the lock-out issue, the cure is simple: hide a key outside, but never where it is easily found such as under something near the door. Be innovative with this spot because crooks will look in any location you can easily get to. And have it where you won't be notices accessing it if you can in case someone is looking. Mine is just under the soil in a flower bed (ain't saying which one) where it can be retrieved by hand even in the dark and it will not be discovered by a crook. On the rare occasion when I need it I drop something and grab the key when I reach down to pick up the dropped item- nice and natural looking if someone does happen to be watching. Getting my hand dirty doesn't matter much as I can wash up once I get inside.


Re: Door locks

I had the similar problem! The lock simply ‘stopped working’ a some weeks after installation. What a huge PITA! I’m about ready to throw this back at home depot.

Re: Door locks
function wrote:

If looking for reviews of items like door locks try consumersearch(dot)com. They compile reviews from consumer reports, website purchase reviews and similar. I know I have looked at the door lock reviews in the past but cannot remember the details.

Exactly true reviews regardless of locks security can be read over so you'll have great option to choose on functioning well door locks.


Re: Door locks

Don't forget about the strike plate. Most crooks are crude in their methods and simply kick in the door. Almost all door systems fail at the strike plate. Most strike plates that come with locks are small and the screws are short. You need a heavy duty strike plate with four screw holes. These are the longer strike plates with offset screw holes. You also need four inch screws to penetrate the actual house framing. This does not guarantee success but most burglars will find an easier target if the first two or three kicks don't get them in.


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