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Door Jamb Sticking Out

Hi All,

I recently renovated my living room (removed lathe and plaster and installed drywall) and as such my front door jamb now sticks out about 1 1/2 inches from the wall on all three sides. I was wondering what my options are in this situation. The door and door jamb are all in good shape and i didnt plan on replacing either, but now I dont know how to fix this without either modifying the door jamb or maybe getting one that isnt so thick.

Please see attached picture.

Any ideas?

Re: Door Jamb Sticking Out

One solution would be to fill the space with a molding or build it up with two moldings.

Re: Door Jamb Sticking Out

Thanks for the tip. I thought of doing this but to me the flush look would've much better, no?

Having the door raised out from the wall makes it look modular and I was hoping to make it look seamless.

Re: Door Jamb Sticking Out

install your casing as normal but dont nail hte casing to the wall yet just the jamb. rip filler strips that fill that void and.. to hide the seam install a back band modling around the perimeter of the casing

Re: Door Jamb Sticking Out

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into that

Re: Door Jamb Sticking Out

Jkirk, liked your idea.

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