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JRussell Williams
door hinge and pins

The pin in my door hinges seems to throw off a black debris as if it is rubbing off this black stuff. We need to clean around the door hinges every week. We have lubricated them with silicone.
I assume the pin is cheap and should be replaced with a better quality.
What should I do?
Can I buy just the pins so I do not need to replace the entire hinge. That would be very time consuming and expensive.
Thanks for the advice.
Russ Williams

A. Spruce
Re: door hinge and pins

This is not an uncommon problem. Whenever you have two surfaces rubbing together, you'll have wear. It's not so much the pin as the contact points of the "fingers" of the hinge plates.

First, make sure the screws in the hinges are all tight so that the hinges are properly aligned. Next you can either clean the hinges with the door in place or you can pull the pin to clean the hinges more thoroughly. Now with the door in place and the pin pushed up about a 1/2", put a few drops of 3-in-1 oil or another light weight oil around the pin, and one drop on each of the "finger" contact points. Work the door back and forth a few times to work the oil in, then wipe off the excess and tap the pins down tight.

Be forewarned, lubricating the hinges can make the door swing by itself if it's not hung plumbly. It is possible that the pins were bent slightly to counteract this problem before, which would also exacerbate the black residue problem you have.

Re: door hinge and pins

if the hinge and pin are from the same manufacturer, which they most likely are, then replacing just the pin will not solve your problem. you'll have to buy new hinge sets of a better quality. i had that same problem at my house. when you do buy the new ones you don't have to get top of the line but most certainly don't by the cheapest set you see, buy a decent pair and you won't have that problem anymore.

Re: door hinge and pins

Oil would be more useful than silicone. The black is graphite/carbon. The hinges are carbon steel.

Re: door hinge and pins

I would replace these hinges, with the same size new hinges.

Re: door hinge and pins

I'll ditto A.Spruce with one change- I prefer grease applied with a Q-tip to oil, not so much for the heavy-duty lubrication but because it doesn't drip. Leave the bottom pin in and do the upper hinges, then put the top pin in, lift the door a bit, and do the bottom one. With this technique you don't have to remove the door and you can get to every mating surface. Once assembled work the door full swing a few times, wipe the hinges, and remember to do this again 5+ years from now.


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