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Dog chewed part (one end) of the living room window sill

My 1 y/o puppy chewed about a 1-1.5 foot section of the interior window sill. I'm wondering if I need to replace the window sill, can I do so without having to take the entire window/frame out or can I simply replace the sill without having to do so. Or would it be an option to take a router/sander to it and then re-paint it? Any help would be MOST welcome. I've attached a picture of it from two angles. The rest of the sill is in good shape, by the way.

Re: Dog chewed part (one end) of the living room window sill

It sort of depends on your woodworking abilities so I'll suggest the easiest way.

Decide the area to be replaced. Use a small square and scribe square lines from the edge of the sill into the sill, to a point past where the puppy chewed. Do this on both ends. Use a combination square and slide it out so that the tip of the scale extends to the point past the damage on the sill. Hold a utility knife against the end and scribe another line, connecting the two lines you've already cut into the surface of the sill. Now you have a rectangle identified as the cut out part of the sill.

Use a saw to cut out the rectangle. Cut the end lines first and then use a saber saw/jig saw, to cut the inside line. Cut at a diagonal until you reach the line and then follow it to the corner of the little rectangle. Now turn the saw around and cut to the other end.

If your lines aren's smooth and straight, use a file or rasp to straighten them out. Now cut a piece of wood of the same shape and thickness of the sill, and fit it into the notch. Once it's pretty close and the fit is tight, use some white glue or something like it and nail the piece into place. Use some small finish nails if you have them. You might even want to take a very small drill bit, a little smaller than the nails and drill pilot holes for the nails. It'll keep the wood from splitting.

Once it dries (the next day), use some wood putty (I like Durham's Rock Hard putty) and fill the cracks. Let it dry really well and then sand it down so it's smooth. Now you're ready to paint. It'll probably take at least two coats but you might want to paint the whole sill anyway to make things match.

Good Luck.

Re: Dog chewed part (one end) of the living room window sill

ma2804s idea isn't bad and certainly will work but is a great deal of work. Instead I would use some epoxy. If this was on the outside of your house I would say you might need to cut some pieces off and then apply the epoxy. On the inside that is a different story as there isn't any rot to deal with just chew marks. Instead leave the window sill as it is and apply the epoxy directly onto the damaged area. Use an old coffee can lid to apply the epoxy or a throw away plastic spatula as the epoxy is very sticky. Don't put too much on at a time as it dries quickly, just enough to fill in the areas. When the epoxy dries you can sand and shape it any way you want and then paint it any color. Best of all it will never rot in the area where the epoxy was applied. Tom Silva used it on an Ask This Old House segment on the outside of a house the video might be available on this website. Good luck:)

Re: Dog chewed part (one end) of the living room window sill

Yet ANOTHER reason that animals belong outside . :D

Re: Dog chewed part (one end) of the living room window sill

Thanks for the suggestions! I decided I'm going to wait until she's out of the chewing phase, so I don't have to do it a second time :) I will probably try the epoxy suggestion, since I think it would be tough for me to match up the piece of wood to line up, etc, but if the epoxy doesn't work, I'll go that route. Thanks again for any and all suggestions, though!

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