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Doesn't baseboard molding go OVER the floors.

Good evening everyone.

My wife and I are working on our nursery, and well the lovely people whome painted our wood trim prior to us moving in never primed it, thus when we put painters tape on it it peals off the paint. So I thought it would be easier to just remove the old baseboards, and replace them with some poplar base boards, looking for something with out ornimentaion.

Heres where it gets interesting.

The baseboards seem to have been placed prior to installing the Hard wood floors, I must say the person that did the floors did a stelar job makeing these fit in without much of seam at all, quite impressive.

The qestion is has anyone run into this issue before? How did you address it, or am I best just sanding the baseboards, or using a light stripper, or maybe even goof off to remove the old latex paint, then prime and paint?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Doesn't baseboard molding go OVER the floors.

A couple of questions. If this a new house or remodel? Is it hardwood flooring or laminated flooring?

Re: Doesn't baseboard molding go OVER the floors.

Old house built in the 40's to 50's, with standard hardwoods, look to be about half inch thick. planks are a couple inches wide max.


Re: Doesn't baseboard molding go OVER the floors.

I about destroyed the old base trying to get it off. it should have been held up off the floor so it wouldnt be underneath the flooring and you would've had more base showing. id lightly sand and put more latex on it? Or destroy it while removing it and rplace with primed/ that you can paint over.

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