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Does this look structural?

This is a photo taken from my basement of the floor joist above? Does this look structural?

Re: Does this look structural?

It looks as though there are 3 joists tied together (tripler) which would suggest it is a load carrying beam of sort.

I can't tell for certain but it almost looks as though two of them are notched right at the hidden electrical junction box.... hopefully they aren't notched.

Re: Does this look structural?

It could be the additional 2 were put on the original joist to account for a hole or notch in it?

Or it could be they were added to provide a nailer for a subfloor repair above?

It does look like the additional 2 break at the diagonal brace and start again on the other side of it. Are there any support posts anywhere under this "beam"?

Re: Does this look structural?

considering that 2 of the joists aren't continuous, I would say they probably aren't doing much structurally. If they are fastened securely to the "good" joist, they would add something to it, but it's not ideal or the correct way to do it.
Without examining the entire floor system & what's above it hard to say what the thought process was. It may have beeen for nailing purposes for something happening above.

Re: Does this look structural?

The two additional joists may have been add as stiffeners. Not the proper way either.

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