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Does anyone know what these tools are for?

Found these tools in a big tool chest I inherited from my father but I have no idea what they do. Any ideas? Thanks!!

A. Spruce
Re: Does anyone know what these tools are for?

The wooden thingy on the left is a marking gauge. The sharp pin leaves a scratch in the material being marked. The large collar slides and locks along the length of the bar.

The pistol grip and ruler on the right look like two pieces of a similar type marking gauge.

The bottom right looks like an awl, used for scratching, marking and punching.

I can't see the other two items well enough to offer an opinion. The fishing reel looking thing almost looks like a dial micrometer, but again, can't see it well enough.

Re: Does anyone know what these tools are for?

The metal marking gauge looks like it's either for mortises (two marking pins) or for laying out cuts for inlay work, because of the wide spread possible.
The blue-handled thing is a brad driver.
The thing with the dial indicator looks familiar, but I dunno.
The rosewood pistol handle looks really cool. What did it hold? a purfling tool?
The ruler with thumbscrew would have been a depth gauge indicator for something else.

Re: Does anyone know what these tools are for?

Many thanks to both of you who posted today!

I checked out "wooden marking gauge" and think you are both absolutely right about it. I even found a website that has a picture of someone using one. It sounds like this one was made by Stanley (even though they never stamped their name on them). Most of the other tools in the chest were Stanley and I don't think this tool was handmade given the precise measures on the shaft.

You were also right about the blue-handled thing being a brad driver. When I looked at it again tonight I saw very, very tiny print along the shaft that says "No. 1 Brad Master."

In looking at the wooden marking gauges, I also saw a picture that looked just like the tool with the two bars: it's called a double bar marking gauge. The one I saw was made by Stanley, but further research surfaced the name Edwin Walker. Since the tool has a big W on the slider thing, I wonder if this means it was made by the Edwin Walker Tool Company.

I think the thing with the pistol grip and the ruler with the thumbscrew go together since the ruler fits perfectly into the slot of the pistol grip thing. I think you are right that this is another type of marking gauge and the thing that scratched the mark(s) probably fit into the thumbscrew slot. Since there is room for a wider type of marker, perhaps this accommodated something with twin pins for mortises. I agree that it looks pretty cool!

So that leaves the little tool with the dial. The tip sort of looks like the head of a philips screwdriver and as you turn it the shaft turns the dial. There is also some kind of metal sheath over the shaft. I wonder if there may have been a wheel on the shaft held in place by the sheath and as you ran the wheel across the surface of something it measured the length. If that was the case, what would it have been called? Thought maybe I could do a search and see if anything matched.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply. You were both very helpful!

Swiss Chard
Re: Does anyone know what these tools are for?
Zachary35 wrote:

Found these tools in a big tool chest I inherited from my father but I have no idea what they do. Any ideas? Thanks!!

The wood tool is a scribe with a set screw for repeatable scribes

Re: Does anyone know what these tools are for?

So cool that you posted pic of that wooden 'scribe' thingy. I found one years ago, in PA at a flea market (I live in VA) and was tickled to death to find something so old (at least MINE is....looks ancient). My "screw-in" thing is actually made of wood, too, thread and all. Is yours???

Also found a caliper and some other unidentifiable stuff (LOVE old stuff). Could tell it was some sort of scribe due to the nail, but doubt mine is as precise as yours. Thanks to the answers to a long-lived question.

Now....please help me in this same "tool" section about some blades (new) I want to sell in a yard sale TOMORROW A.M.) that I need to identify. Will post question in a couple minutes.

Bonnie (aka brit5467)

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