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Brooklyn gal
Do I need to remove new interior wall?

We were getting ready to return home after renovations due to a house fire were finally completed, when hurricane Irene struck! Our brand new maple floors were damaged by water that seeped under them from the roof via the newly repaired wall. The floor and roof obviously need to be repaired but my question is, does the new sheetrocked wall also have to be ripped out? Between the brick and the sheetrock are insulation, the usual studs and a sheet of plywood that helps support the mini-split A/C unit. That whole area had to have been saturated from the storm and I'm concerned about mold. What should we do?

A. Spruce
Re: Do I need to remove new interior wall?

Without seeing the situation first hand it's a tough call. From your description, if it were me, I'd open up the wall to make sure that it's both dry and mold free. I'd also want to know why a new roof was leaking, granted a hurricane rolled through, but short of damage to the roof, it shouldn't have leaked.

Brooklyn gal
Re: Do I need to remove new interior wall?

The roof isn't new. It wasn't damaged in the fire (a dropped ceiling which has been removed, protected it). We did remove some walls and I wonder if that or mounting the A/C unit to it contributed to the leaks but the roofer doesn't think so. It's a small house and the walls that were removed were nonload bearing. The interior brickwork was a mess and probably should have been repaired more but the pointing outside is very good. Thanks for your advice.

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