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Do I need to reglaze my clawfoot tub?

I have an old clawfoot tub that has been in my house for 25 years unused. It looks good to me, other than it's pepto bislmol color, there is one small chip on the rim and a bit of rust around the drain. I am trying to sell it, but I know NOTHING about the tubs or what this one is worth. I do not believe it is an antique. I searched around on the internet and saw other similar tubs going for $700-$1200 so I am asking $800 for mine. I received a call about it and the quick talking dealer asked if it needed to be reglazed and that I was crazy for asking such a high amount for it - which I may be :p - in either case, I am wondering how to know if the tub does need reglazing?

Re: Do I need to reglaze my clawfoot tub?

No, you don't have to have it re-glazed, if you sell it "as is". But the price should reflect it. To get top dollars, it has to be in tip top shape.

Note: the dealer is looking to pay "wholesale" not "retail", because he intends to re-sell it and he is not looking to break even.

If you have ever sold a used car you must know what it is. You can sell a used car "as is" without putting a dime into it, or paint it, fix it, clean it, put new tires, and advertise that it's "like new"...

Re: Do I need to reglaze my clawfoot tub?

Here in Upstate SC standard Clawfoot tubs start at about $100 and go up to $6-700. The first will be have spots of worn porcelain but not worn through. Usually near the drain, these are easily re-glazed. No faucets or drain included. The upper end will be in near-perfect shape with similar faucets and drain.

Do not reglaze to sell. If the job turns out bad you won't get any more than one needing reglazing. A good reglazing job won't recover your costs on a sale. Letting the buyer do the restoration is the general resale rule.

The problem with these is that usually the drains are 1 3/8" which is no longer a standard size. So if you've got the complete drain and overflow (especially the pop-up stopper kind) and it's in good shape that will enhance the tub's value by at least $60, which is what the cheapest new replacement (non- pop-up) costs.


Re: Do I need to reglaze my clawfoot tub?

I had a little business for many years selling this type of tub. I was a plummer for many years and had to demo many old bathrooms. I had a deal with my apprentice that we would collect any cast iron tubs and rather that break them in place which was easier we would put them in the truck and deliver them to my back yard. I was always asked by home owners where to get clawfoot cast iron tubs. Depending on the condition i got 100 to 400 dollars and they pick it up. Some of them weight a ton.

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