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Mike Rawl
Do I need a new door?

Hi, I have an entry door that has always given me a lot trouble when I bought the house a year ago I almost pulled of the door handle trying to get the door open for the first time. Once I had a chance to look at the door I found that there are several things that have me concerned about the door.

1. the door is visibly bowed across the top from the hinge side of the door to the knob side.

2. The upper knob side of the door is flush with the jamb, the bottom knob side is about a 1/4 of an inch proud. As a result there is a little bit of sunlight that can be seen at the bottom corner of the door despite the copper weather stripping.

3. The almost all the screws for the lock set have been stripped and relocated, if possible, or repaired at least once

4. There is is a "spring" to the door. By this I mean that to open or close the door I have to push or pull to the exterior to relieve the pressure on the dead bolt so that it can be set or retracted.

5. The mortise lockset hardware is toast.

I am thinking that I do need to get a new door but my wife is not happy with the prospect. please let me know what you think.


MLB Construction
Re: Do I need a new door?

you have certainly given a great case for needing a new front door. it would most likely be cheaper and make both of you alot happier to get a new door instead of trying to repair the old one. once a door warps, it's usually time for a new door, that issue can not be resolved.

Mike Rawl
Re: Do I need a new door?

Thanks a lot. That is what I thought the answer would be, I was just hoping that there was something quick and cheap that I could do to solve the problem. I should have known better. In the year that I have owned the house there has been no repair that has been either quick or easy.

Re: Do I need a new door?

I agree with MLB. When it's time, it's time and the time is now to replace the door.

Re: Do I need a new door?

It's unfortunate to have to spend the money, but it's one of those things that has to be done. And at least you're spending money on improving the look/value of your home!

Re: Do I need a new door?

Based on what caused the warp, it may be correctable but unless you can leave the door tweaked for a couple days then let it relax for a`few more (which means you can't close it for all that time) then a new door is in the cards for you. Get a good one and it will add value to your home. It's usually not a tough job to do, just be meticulous with the details like hinge placement and mortising depth.

Before you start see where the old door doesn't fit the jamb. If it's binding, make the old door fit. Then go buy a 'un-bored slab door'. Lay the new one on sawhorses, lay the old one on top of it- now that you made it fit it is a perfect pattern. Trim the new door accordingly, then transfer the hinge and lock locations from old to new and you'll have minimal or no adjusting to do when the new one goes in. Don't make the top margins tight- I like to see a bit extra there in old houses because sometimes the old framing shifts a bit with the weather and that little extra keeps the door from binding. Also before installing it, seal all the edges well with paint, touching up anywhere you sand or trim to get that final fit. That is extremely important in making an exterior door last but it's often "out of sight and out of mind" till a few years later you've got another warped door :(


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