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Do I caulk at the foundation?

Hi All,
Well I've completely painted the house last fall. Looks great. Did a careful caulk job as well, but when I got to the bottom of the wood clapboards, where they meet the foundation, I got confused:

Do I caulk the seam between the bottom of the wood and the concrete foundation? This is about 1 1/2 feet above ground level.

I await your vast knowledge! Seriously, thanks to all who reply to this.

Re: Do I caulk at the foundation?

A good starting point is never to caulk any horizontal lap seams that are exposed to weather. If you do, you need a good reason. Siding laps should never be caulked; they are a way out for moisture that becomes trapped behind siding. Over-caulking your house causes more rot than it prevents.

Re: Do I caulk at the foundation?

precisely, reason being it traps water the water that gets behind the siding, its only way out is to run down the wall then out. if you caulk the seam the water is trapped there

Re: Do I caulk at the foundation?

Thanks! So.......to keep out insects from crawling through any gaps between the wood and the concrete, I'll fill with steel wool instead of caulking....

Re: Do I caulk at the foundation?

Steel wool would rust and leave streaks. If you really wanted you could use stainless steel wool, but that falls into the excessive overkill department.

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