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DIY renovations.

Hi, My renovation works of my condo in Toronto are still going on . I have rented bins from Red Bins to remove all the waste.Have anyone of you tried DIY home renovation . I am still not brave enough to do that . what if something goes wrong and I have to pay more to fix it. But I recently read this blog************ . It is true that it helps to save a lot of money. Maybe I should start learning to do some repair works. But when it comes to patching up some is okey but what about fixing roofs and flooring. Is it worth taking the risk?

Re: DIY renovations.

The blog is simplistic and fails to give fair warnings of the problems you can run into. . In my opinion, a certain amount of passion is required to be a successful DIYer and the ability to limit jobs to your skill level, but generally you save enough money on projects to be able to afford to redo. Most people can learn either by watching others or through the net.


Re: DIY renovations.

What Jack said is so true, but there's more.

Any DIY who lacks experience or doesn't have a Midas touch, is going to run into difficulties and troubles sooner or later. It could be in the form of lost money or time. I've seen it so many times.

Trust your gut feeling, you know your capabilities and your limits. Not sure about a project? don't step forward. Hiring a pro is too expensive? Think about messing up and then hiring a pro...you lose time and money.

You mentioned roofing, arguably the most important protection your house has. Are you willing to risk potential disasters, even after watching videos, reading about roofing or even watching roofers at work? If you say NO, then hire a roofer, a seasoned roofer is worth every penny. The same logic applies to every one of the 50 or 100 trades in the construction industry.

A. Spruce
Re: DIY renovations.

Wanting to make your own repairs and home improvements is admirable, however, contrary to every DIY show out there, it is NOT as easy as it looks. Is it rocket science, no, but it does take the ability to assess and problem solve. If you are not good with your hands, then DIY isn't for you. If you don't have at least a basic set of trade related tools, then DIY isn't for you.

The best way to start is to start small. Change your own light fixtures, hang a ceiling fan, change a faucet and a toilet, recaulk a counter top, shower, or bathroom. When you are competent at these items, then think about delving a little deeper. Pros make everything look easy because we've been doing it for so long that we have mastered the tricks and techniques to do what we do. Here's a little story to prove my point:

I had a client that wanted to float her walls smooth, she wanted to do it herself to save a little money. I was working in the next room and passed by her a number of times as she struggled to apply the drywall compound, spread, and smooth it. I finally stopped her and told her that I was not trying to take away her job, but let me demonstrate how it's done. I showed her how to hold and load the knife, then swiped it on the wall, deftly applying and spreading in one stroke, then smoothing and removing the excess in the return stroke. Load, stroke, repeat. She threw her hands up in disgust and walked out of the room, telling me to just do it! I tried to reassure her that I only wanted to show her how to do it, and that it takes some time to get the feel and rhythm down. She wouldn't have it, just said that I could do it so much faster and easier that it wasn't worth her effort.

So, what you see on TV is not reality, heck, half of what you see is just plain wrong anyway. Can you be a DIY'r, depends on your ability to learn and use your hands. Can you do your own roof, not recommended for the budding DIY'r, but what you can do is build yourself a garden shed and put a roof on that, learn how to do it, then decide if you can handle doing your own roof. Are good with ladders and heights? If not, stay on the ground and leave the roof to the pros.

Re: DIY renovations.

I think this is spam. The poster's only other post on this site also links to a "blog" on a dumpster rental site (as does this one), but in that other post they claim they just renovated their house.

Re: DIY renovations.

If you ask whether you can do roofing, I recommend you get it done by a professional. Get lot of quotes, you will be happy you did. Roofers work in volume, and can get material at lower prices than you. That saves quite a bit, however you end up paying obviously for his labour. If you buy the material through the roofer, make sure you pay the supplier yourself, that way if the roofer goes belly up or gets a divorce and does not pay his supplier because he has legal bills, the supplier will slap a lean on your house if he is not paid by the roofer. Good luck.

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