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DIY removal of mirrors mounted on wood glued to wall - possible?

We are in the process of remodeling an old house. In the master bedroom, one wall is covered by mirror panels which are mounted on a large wood frame. The wood frame is seemingly glued to the drywall. There may also be a few nails holding it to the wall, but we are not sure if those nails are holding the frame together, adhering it to the wall, or both.

We asked a local glass company about the project and they told us they could remove the mirror, but removing the wood was not their type of project and recommended we find a separate handyman service for that. We called two and one came out. He said removal of everything including the mirrors would cost $500, not including disposal fees. He was a teensy annoyed when we said we could do any drywall repairs and painting ourselves.

Now we are wondering if it is possible to remove this ourselves. I haven't had much luck finding tips on how to remove wood-backed mirrors from walls since most people seem to be removing just mirror panels. I would spread some sheets underneath to protect the flooring and to also catch any mirror bits. I know to tape off the mirror panels for safety, but the bigger issue is how to remove the wood.

Thanks for sharing any experiences or advice you might have!

A. Spruce
Re: DIY removal of mirrors mounted on wood glued to wall - possible?

The mirrors are likely either glued or double stick taped to the wall. The wood is probably only nailed to the wall. This is the perfect DIY project as long as you take safety precautions while doing it.

Start with personal safety equipment - high neck long sleeved shirts, jeans, gloves and safety goggles. Next move on to protecting the environment. Lay plywood on the floor with painters tarps and then a plastic tarp over it, and hold it up to the ceiling about 4' from the wall to give yourself and enclosed workspace.

Now you're ready to begin demolition. Start with removing the wood strips. There should be obvious nail or screw points that have been puttied, they should stand out fairly well if the wood is stained. IF it's painted, then you're just going to have to start prying it up. You can lay a block of wood across the mirror to help prevent damage if you're trying to save the mirrors.

Once you get the edge of the mirrors exposed, you can start gently prying with a pair of flat bars to get the mirror to release. If you're careful and lucky, the mirrors won't break. If the mirrors do break, that's why you're wearing the protective gear and working in the enclosed space.

You should have several boxes or a heavy garbage can handy to place the broken glass in as you're working. Keep the floor picked up so that you're not risking injury.

Once the mirrors are down, you can assess what needs to be done to repair the wall.

Re: DIY removal of mirrors mounted on wood glued to wall - possible?

We are going to try to tackle it this coming weekend. Thanks for the detailed tips, A. Spruce!

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