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DIY concrete floor

Is it crazy to think I can install a poured concrete floor ourselves in an old two car garage? It's always just been packed dirt and now that we've taken the doors off to replace it seems like something that might be do-able. But is the sweat equity worth it??

Re: DIY concrete floor

Concrete flat work is cheap - hire someone to do it for you.

By the time you figure putting down a granular base, welded-wire-fabric (WWF), dowels at the door, an expansion (or control joints), broom or trowel float the top... it's a bigger job than just pouring concrete and pushing it around. And in the end it's not worth it to tackle yourself.

A couple of gotchas to keep in mind... in the contract specify the MINIMUM thickness, and MINIMUM compressive strength. Have them do a slump test for each load - it's a cone shaped like a dunce cap and filled with concrete then turned over, amount of slump determines how much water and ultimately compressive strength of the concrete, 2" - 3" is maximum you'll want to see - and also have an independent testing lab make a couple of cylinders and break them at various intervals... you're paying for 4,000 psi you might as well be sure you're getting it and if not have the concrete contractor come back, break it out and redo it again!

Re: DIY concrete floor

try to maintain a slight slope to the door so that water & snow melt will tend to drain out.
Could be DIY, but I agree w/ libcarp

Re: DIY concrete floor

Thanks libcarp & ed21! Sounds like I'm going to be getting quotes from Pro's or just living with it as is.

Re: DIY concrete floor

Trust an old cement finisher, I agree with the others get a good cement contractor to do the work. Many a person have lost money trying to pour concrete when they don't know how. It looks easy when someone knows what they are doing but don't be fooled its a lot of work. Just a point or two. You might want to consider putting a drain in the garage if you think you might want to wash your car or have a place for the snow to melt. If you don't have a drain and all the snow melts off of the vehicle and runs toward the door during the evening, it could freeze overnight and you might not be able to open the door in the morning. Tell the contractor you want no less than 5" of concrete and a 4000 lb mix, that will handle any vehicles you might own. If you get a good contractor ask him to cut the control joints after a few days of the pour with a concrete saw. It gives a much cleaner look to the finish.

Calcats ;)

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