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A. Spruce
Disruptive Member

For the past several years, the regular members of this forum have tried to police this forum and notify the Administrators and Moderators when a disruptive presence is among us. With the exception of a single individual, EVERYONE here gets along with one and other just fine. All of the regular members try to report "offensive" and "ill mannered" posts in an effort to keep the peace and maintain a sense of professionalism and reflect the best possible face for TOH and Time Inc. Unfortunately, it would seem that the same vigilance is not held within the hierarchy of this forum. On five different occasions this one particular individual has been allowed to degrade the forum and countless topics into flame wars with no apparent accountability, for an extreme period of time, until they are ultimately banned. Yes, that's FIVE different alias' and occasions that the same single disruptive individual has been allowed to do their bidding without recourse.

This same disruptive individual is back and has been reported numerous times already by long standing members and identified as the one and only SAME disruptive individual. Please, PLEASE take action now and stop the insanity before it goes any further!

Re: Disruptive Member

Ditto what Sprucey said.....with one exception - This individual has assumed more than five alters over the course of their "activities" here.

BTW, I am a very proud member of the "Galactically Stupid" club. For those who don't already know, this is what the *disruptive member* called us all some time ago (via her now banned alias).......in yet another of her innumerable and endless tirades. In her "honor", we formed the "Galactically Stupid" TOH forum group. Evidently, she doesn't approve of that ( http://advice.thisoldhouse.com/showpost.php?p=47128&postcount=5 )...... nor grasp the law of unintended consequences.

Re: Disruptive Member

I was wondering what name was being used this time, but the first post I read after this one left no doubt. Oh well, life goes on.

Re: Disruptive Member

I too agree with A. Spruce.

Perhaps TOH and Time Inc. would prefer a forum populated by only one contributor alienating as many as possible including first time posters. We have already lost some valued input because of constant baiting and berating. It is getting very tiring constantly being assaulted. I don't care if you disagree with me but at least show the same respect I try to afford others who have different ideas or methods. Most of us can and have disagreed on one thing or another but do it with a modicum of respect and humor. I have never felt it was necessary to belittle someone because they call a boiler a furnace, misspell a word or two, or don't know the proper term for a device or operation. After all isn't this forum suppose to be here to help novices and pros alike along with selling magazines?

Re: Disruptive Member

Disruptive member's new alias contribution -


"Using 25" for a depth calculation additionally proves you are unqualified and merely a pretender You still can't compute the math and your twisted example doesn't match the measurements or conditions provided by the original poster. Proof you are a total fraud."

"Check your ignorant attitude at the door along with your crayons and moronic temper tantrums."


Here's another - http://advice.thisoldhouse.com/showpost.php?p=46893&postcount=5


I provided details! "What's up with your Galactically Stupid group? You should change that to the Incredibly Rude & Galactically Stupid.

Now if reading a question or asking for clarification before you spout off is too much trouble for you then don't bother addressing the post.

See from your other posts today you don't bother reading other people's questions either.

"Mama always said, 'Stupid is as Stupid does'."

A. Spruce
Re: Disruptive Member

I love TOH, I love being here, and I love offering my professional opinion to questions posed by those seeking the advice of professionals. My only motive for posting what I have is to further the great reputation of TOH, and provide a safe and friendly environment for ALL who come here to ask a question or offer an opinion or answer. There is only ONE disruptive force here, the Administrators and Moderators know who it is and it is up to them to enforce the rules and regulations of this site.

Re: Disruptive Member

This is the main reason I stay out too long....

Some people "thinks" they know everything and believes life goes by the book.:rolleyes:

I always tell everybody...
"Life does not go by the book, we learn as we go along...."

Re: Disruptive Member

Agree with all that has been posted.

The spirit the folks at TOH intended for this forum is being undermined and ruined by one person.

Since coming over to this new forum ... from the previous TOH forum ... this one individual has been allowed to continue poisoning the atmosphere of this forum.

To review ... from the summer of 2007 .... DwarfWytch ... unregistered ... Yuk Yuk .... Rayhep .... Blue RidgeParkway ...... are the user names of that individual which have been banned and doesn't include the other alias' being used by this person.

Each time after being banned it's immediately obvious the same person returns with a different user name to continue destroying the forum ..... despite that person's denial.
Is it coincidence this person becomes banned ... suddenly someone new appears exhibiting the same traits and starts personal attacks to others ...... to this " Galactically Stupid " person .... I think not.

This forum used to have a friendly and fun atmosphere which is being ruined by the continued personal agenda that one individual has ..... a warped sense of being the authoritative resource for everything.

Many professionals and experienced DIYers volunteer their time to share expertise and experiences to help folks.

This one individual will begin a personal attack to discredit anyone who offers an alternative method or correct wrong or misinformation given.

Unfortunately this has become the home of an individual who will probably set a Guinness world record for being the person most banned on any internet forum.
Something of a distinction I'm sure the folks at TOH wouldn't be proud of.

It's our hope this forum can be restored to the fun and friendly place it once was.
Perhaps having active participating moderators involved on a regular basis would benefit keeping things in better control.

Frankly .... those forums that police their forums with active participating moderators seem to have little issues like is experienced here. It leaves me wondering why something like this hasn't been adopted here.

Re: Disruptive Member


To add to your list of alters - Unless I'm mistaken....we've also seen a recent appearance as LeslieK. A couple/few quick jabbing posts and then back to hiding in the bushes for the time being.

Oooops. My bad. LeslieK was also banned.

Re: Disruptive Member

To review ... from the summer of 2007 .... DwarfWytch ... unregistered ... Yuk Yuk .... Rayhep .... Blue RidgeParkway ...... are the user names of that individual which have been banned and doesn't include the other alias' being used by this person.


LeslieK was also banned

Correction the count is now 6 ..... one step closer to that world record.

Re: Disruptive Member

don't forget

Dan Ackroyd :rolleyes:

Marcus Farcus :rolleyes:

Grey Watson :rolleyes:

Gray Watson :rolleyes:


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