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Disparity between heating and cooling bills

I live in a 1.5 story (all electric, central air/heat) house in Northern Mississippi. I am trying to determine the disparity between my heating and cooling bills. The upstairs is rarely used and most often the system if off. We have a programmable thermostat downstairs. During the winter months we keep the downstairs around 75F and during the summer around 72F. My winter electric bill practically triples from the summertime amount. Is this typical? Regards to all, O'Neal

Re: Disparity between heating and cooling bills

Not considering type of heat-
wintertime you're raising the temperature say 30 to 50 degrees.
summertime you're lowering the temperature maybe 20 degrees not to mention the times the windows might be open for natural cooling. The temperature at night might drop to 70 degrees too.
All electric heat is the most expensive option too.

Re: Disparity between heating and cooling bills

Also,Chances are your system is probably arranged for more consideration for cooling than heating.

Re: Disparity between heating and cooling bills

For heating you're using electricity to raise the temperature of the air by heating coils using resistance - very inefficient. For air conditioning you're really just running an electric motor to turn the compressor, which is relatively a more efficient use of the electric current.

Triple the power consumed heating wouldn't surprise me at all.

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