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Dismantling  Old Barn For Reassembly

Good Afternoon,

Looking to dismantle an old barn that is scheduled to be demolished. I've had some experience with this but solicte openly for upir advice and consideration. 

 The owners want it removed. Can not afford to maintain it. Its going no if, ands, or buts. It also doesn't serve them any fuction for their current operation. There are a number of hurdles such as building codes and  foundation etc.  I've got those handled  but the topic I wanted to approach here is the best way to dismantle and then reassemble.

The old horse barn is said to be from 1893. The style is Victorian Stick.  Clapboard siding on the lower level and cedar shingles on the second level. It measures 25' w x 35" L x about 28'. Cupula on top. Full hay loft second story. Front side has a second story dormer that projects from the center of the roof line and out over the lower entrance about 1 foot. Gives it and old english quality. It is not post and tennon. It appears to be framed which through me on the construction date of 1893. They removed the horse dawn equipment only a few  years ago. It has historical ties to the area and is a unique building. 

Moving whole or in half, by a flat bed of a truck  25 miles from the city to my farm is not an option. Cost prohibitive and some engineering issues.

The second option is to mark each pcs and disasemble completely. Then reassemble at the new site putting together based on the drawing
and parts markings. If thats best I am up to it.

The third option would be to tear out the roof. ( Roof is shot but wills save rafters)   Shore up all walls. Then start with the second story by cutting the walls in to  modular sections. Lowering them on to a flatbed by crane, telehandler, or shears. Hay loft floor would then be removed followed by the rafters and beams. Then the first floor walls.  At the new site the modular sections would need to be retrofited so that they could be reattahced.  

Fourth option is to walk away with my head held high saying we gave it the college try.  No running.  I don't run away.

There is a budget  but this is worth consideration.  So easy to say no rather than what if.

I appreciate all thought, consideration, and serious advice on this matter.  It is my hope that this process may help others who entertain to save a barn. Looking forward to your replies.    Best Regards - Ike


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