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Mastercarpentry wrote:

Aluminum gutters can be re-hung, better fastenings intstalled in place without wholesale removal, more downspouts added etc. If there's nothing wrong with the gutter itself, why replace it? Because you make more profit doing that Too many companies think like that these days.


I replaced a 30 foot section rather than repair very recently because around here, regardless of how the services are bundled, licensed and insured professionals want at least 200 dollars if they're coming to your house to go up on the roof and repair something. Some will tell you its a 200 dollar minimum charge to come do any small repairs. Some will try to bundle it with a cleaning and over-all tuneup. I kind of understand their point of view. Where people run into a problem with this sort of stuff is they expect licensed, bonded, specialized professionals to do that kind of work at handyman rates. An average homeowner thinks it shouldn't cost more than 50 or 100 dollars to clean a couple seams up, put some caulk on them, and replace a few hangers. But this is barely enough to cover the cost of gas to get to your house and pay an employee for their time. The honest ones will tell you they can't work for so little, and you either need to pay a flat minimum repair fee or let them bundle some other services together for you. The homeowner tends to interpret this as a contractor trying to force unneeded repairs on them to pad his profits.

The stretch was sectional gutters secured to the fascia that were up there from before we bought the house. The standard quote to replace it with a seamless section painted to match the house secured with hidden roof-mount brackets was 300. Seemed like a no-brainer. I know how to do the repair work, but in this case it was a 2nd floor stretch of gutter so it involved dragging a ladder to the first floor roof and then doing the work from that ladder, which I have no interest in.

My handyman is capable of doing the work, probably pretty cheaply. But I doubt he has great health insurance so I won't have him doing 2nd story repair work from a ladder secured to a sloped lower roof.`

I have sealed seams on the first floor stretch that I can easily access with my Lil Giant extendable step ladder, but in this case I felt 300 bucks was worth it for a new stretch of seamless gutters that I wouldn't have to worry about again.

If my newer seamless sections over the additions require adjustment I will probably find someone to repair them. IF the older sections on the main part of the house that are secured to the fascia and put together in sections need work, I will probably just replace them. Around here getting new seamless gutters installed is not expensive at all, only a little bit more than what roofers and gutter installers charge to fix the old ones.


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