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dishwasher replace problem

I am in the process of replacing a portable dishwasher with a built-in. The plumbing is in place but the problem is it is going directly next to a free standing gas range with only minimal space between. What kind of barrier is necessary between the two or do you recommend?:confused:

Re: dishwasher replace problem

I have never seen a freestanding stove/range right next to a dishwasher. That doesn't mean that they can't be paired.

Most dishwashers come with an insulation blanket, so the distance to the range is not a great concern, unless I'm wrong :cool:

Re: dishwasher replace problem

As long as the counter top doesn't flap in the breeze....

Re: dishwasher replace problem

As Mr Houston mentions, there needs to be support for the edge of the counter top. (Between the stove and dishwasher) 3/4" panel would be fine

Re: dishwasher replace problem

Both the range and the dishwasher are likely "zero clearance" appliances, meaning that there are no minimum distances to adjacent materials. So it should be safe to put them next to each other.

Now whether that's a practical idea may be debatable, but it's certainly not unsafe.

Re: dishwasher replace problem

Whereas I agree with the above statements, Its something I have never seen and certainly would not be a designers first, second or third choice.

Re: dishwasher replace problem

not a design choice just a necessity when replacing a portable and not wanting or being able to afford a new kitchen:eek:!so thank you all for you input it has helped a whole lot!

Re: dishwasher replace problem

Just make sure that there isn't any potential that a leaking fitting on the DW could cause water to get sprayed into the range outlet if its' an elec. range.

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