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Dishwasher problems

Everytime I run my dishwasher it trips the circuit breaker. Would this be an issue with the dishwasher itself or could there be more underlying problems? This is the original dishwasher that was put into the house when it was built in the late 60s. It may just be time to replace it but before I do that I would like to explore any other options. If you have any suggestions, your help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Dishwasher problems

When specifically does it trip the breaker?

As soon as you turn it on? .......or when the wash cycle actually begins ?........or when it pumps out?.......or when the dry cycle begins?

At 40+ YO, the fix will have to be pretty simple & cheap or it won't likely be worth the time and effort & expense to do it. Then again, how much life is left in the unit kinda depends upon how much it was used over the years. Parts may be impossible to come by, too. If it's just a simple wiring fault (mouse chewed wire or similar), then it may be worth the investigation and fix.

Re: Dishwasher problems

The unit usually goes through the first cycle then trips the breaker. So there is usually some standing water left in the bottom. I can skip ahead to the dry cycle and it works without a problem.

Re: Dishwasher problems

If it has a sanitizing cycle, the heater coil may be blown. Not sure if you can get a new one for a unit that old or not.

Re: Dishwasher problems

A dishwasher from the late 60's? Wow, I've never had one go past about 15 years.
The new ones are a lot quieter, but I doubt it will last as long.

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