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Dishwasher panel
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The original dishwasher had two panels that match existing door fronts. We now have a new dishwasher (two-panel door), but do not know how to install the wood panels. Please advise.

Re: How to install dishwasher panel

Check the owner's manual. There should be a section covering this operation. If not,open the front door. Check for a screw that holds the door panel's finish trim in place. By removing the screws,the trim should be removable. The panel should slide out. Slide your choice of panel into the channel and reverse the process to reinstall the trim. You should only have to remove one piece of trim (Usually the top or a side piece, depending on manufacturer). Hope this helps.

Re: Dishwasher panel

All dishwashers take different size panels.
Some do not accept panels at all.
So, unless your new dishwasher is the same brand and model as the old, it is unlikely that the old panels will be usable on the new dishwasher.
Look on line for the manufacturer's web site and find the make and model you purchased. Go to that web page and find the Specifications (or SPECS) button. Clicking on that should take you to a down-loadable PDF document indicating the size(s) of the panel(s) required. Installation of the panels should be detailed in your installation paperwork that came with the dishwasher.
European dishwashers all take single panels. American ones usually take two.
There are two kinds of panel installations too:
Many European dishwashers take a door that "floats" in front of the dishwasher door. Such an installation is called "integrated". Some American companies also make integrated models. Framed models are also available.
I believe your old dishwasher was a framed model. Such models have a metal frame around the door that accepts the panels.
Note: If there is no metal frame around the edge of the doors, your new dishwasher probably does not accept panels.
If that is the case call the manufacturer and ask if there is any way to add the frame from another model?
Even if that is possible, chances are you will have to order new panels from your cabinet manufacturer.
There are issues with that as well: Wood mellows (darkens and yellows) over time. New panels, even the same stain color, will not match initially.

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